Training Camp in Bandol in March 2018

If anyone would like to take part in an organised training camp in Bandol, the venue for the 2018 European Championship (and the 2018 Mediterranean Championship), top Dutch coach Han Beverwijk is offering a 5-day camp early in March.

The dates will be 5-9 March.

At the end of February Han is running a camp for the Dutch Optimist Team at Bandol. Having all his equipment already over there he is able to offer the OK class a training camp for a €80 per person a day. Being organised off-season, the costs for renting apartments etc will be low. The 5-day camp will cost €400.

Han is a seasoned coach involved in many Dutch Olympic campaigns. He is fully committed to singlehanded sailing and he has done a lot of sailing in the OK Dinghy and the Finn.

The camp is open to anyone who wants to learn and willing to put in the effort. Han has a lot of training material, which can be discussed on shore, when the weather is nasty or people need a break from training.

If you are interested please contact: