OK Dinghy fleet head south for first ever European Championship on the Med

Five years ago an old OK Dinghy was dragged out of a garden in southern France and given a makeover. Soon it was joined by another and then another, and what followed was the amazingly successful revival of the Mediterranean OK Dinghy fleet with many former and new sailors joining the class. Two years ago they initiated the Mediterranean Championship at Bandol, an indicator of the growing interest and potential of this fledging fleet. Then, on the back of all this, and to support the growth, they were offered the chance of hosting the 2018 European Championship, which begins next week.

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Charter boats required

There have been a number of requests for charter boats for the Europeans in Bandol.

If you are able to send your boat or bring an extra boat please contact secretary (at) okdia.org with details and we’ll put you in touch.

Gallery of images from Bandol